Artichoke ‘Imperial Star’


Zones: 7-10
Exposure: Full Sun
Size: 4’H x 3’S
Bloom: Purple, Mid Summer – Mid Fall



Globe Artichoke Plants

Cynara scolymus

As with most varieties of artichokes, ‘Imperial Star’ is a beautiful edible that bears rosette buds that taste delicious! Perennial in zone 7, otherwise considered an annual or biennial, ‘Imperial Star’ produces faster and higher yields than other strains. Generating large crops in the first year only, this fleshy flower has a deliciously nutty taste.

Globe artichokes are best eaten by peeling the cooked leaves from around the bud and scraping the “meat” off of the tough outer skin with your teeth or with a fork. A tasty addition to pastas, sandwiches and pizzas, the ‘Imperial Star’ also makes a great steamed appetizer! Try steaming them with fish for a culinary masterpiece!

‘Imperial Star’ produces gray-green foliage and will grow to 4′ with a 4′ spread. Nearly spineless~ unusual looking but beautiful in the garden, its bloom will attract butterflies and other helpful pollinators.

Best harvested when the buds are 2″ to 4″ in diameter and leave at least a 2″ stem. They can be stored in the icebox for at least 3 weeks. Filled with phytonutrients, B-Complex vitamins and minerals (calcium and iron)!

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Cynara scolymus

Characteristics: A higher-yielding and faster-producing variety than most artichokes, we love this variety for both its fruit and its flowers.

Light: ‘Imperial Star’ likes full to sun to partial shade.

Water: Water regularly, but do not overwater.

Soil: Artichokes like well-drained soil and lots of organic matter. If you regularly add compost and humus to your garden, you have a fantastic spot for artichokes.

Use: ‘Imperial Star’ produces a bounty of buttery, nutty artichokes. They make a wonderful addition to salads and fish dishes. This variety has unique purple spiky blooms. Here on the farm, we have found this variety to be resistant to deer.

Extras: When planting artichokes, loosen the soil at least 12 inches in depth to help the taproots wiggle down.


Try this delicious recipe we’ve discovered from a wonderful resource, Herbarium

Bagna Cauda

  • 2 Crushed Garlic Cloves
  • 3 Oz Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • 1 Oz Butter
  • 1/2 Can Anchovy Fillets

Gently heat the garlic with the anchovy fillets in a bit of the olive oil. Stir until the anchovies dissolve. Slowly stir in the rest of the oil and butter and warm through. Serve the sauce warm, dipping the blanched leaves and stems into the sauce.


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