Amsonia ‘Blue Ice’


Zones: 4-9
Exposure: Full to Part Sun
Size: 15″H x 24″S
Bloom: Lavender Blue, Spring – Fall



Amsonia ‘Blue Ice’ Plants

Amsonia ‘Blue Ice’ is an impressive plant, requires little care, is deer resistant and can handle drought. Did we mention that it is also a NATIVE?

This impressive Amsoniais shorter and more compact than ‘Blue Star’ with 2′ wide mounds of narrow, dark green foliage that erupts with large clusters of rich, dark lavender-blue flowers. The foliage turns a lovely golden yellow for fall interest. We love this plant for its year round interest ~ gorgeous blooms in the spring into summer and slowly turning to warm golden hues for the fall. A perfect landscape plant.


Briscoe’s Tips For Amsonia ‘tabernaemontana’

Characteristics: A clump-forming perennial that grows pyramidal clusters of star-like, dark lavender-blue flowers almost an inch across in late spring into spring.
Light: Can be planted in either full or part sun.Best fall foliage color usually occurs in full sun, but flowers generally last longer if given some afternoon shade in hot sun areas.
Water: Prefers moist, loamy soils.

Soil: Easily grown in average, medium, well-drained soil

Use: This majestic landscape plants are very adaptable, but you need to give them enough sun so that they will not topple ~ too much shade causes them to sprawl and flop over. Give them rich, organic soil and a nice layer of mulch. The clumps can be divided, but you have several years of uninterrupted growth before you’ll need to divide them.


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