Aloe Vera


Zones: 9-11
Exposure: Full to Part Sun
Size: 18″ X 18″S



Aloe Vera Plants

Aloe Barbadensis

This ancient herb has been used throughout the centuries for its medicinal and cosmetic properties ~ it is said that it was an important part of Cleopatra’s beauty regime.

Aloe Vera is a stemless based, clump forming succulent that produces a rosette of thick, fleshy leaves with gray spots. It is easy to grow, but requires GOOD DRAINING soil and sun. This is a drought tolerant herb that is perfect for hot and dry areas. Although it is not hardy in zones below 9, it can be grown indoors easily.

As an ornamental plant in the landscape, Aloe Vera’s fleshy, spiky leaves gives this plant an unusual as well as attractive appearance. Plant alone, or in groups ~ it looks great against a wall or fence.

The succulent leaves are filled with juice and gel, and both are valued for their medicinal properties. Who hasn’t used a cut leave to relieve the burning and itching of either sunburn or a bug bite. The juice, although bitter, has been used as a laxative and is said to help regulate hypertension.

An EASY TO GROW plant, this low maintenance houseplant is a succulent that needs little attention. It can tolerate drought and less than perfect soil.


Characteristics: Clump forming succulent that produces a rosette of thick and fleshy leaves.

Light: Grows best in full sun, but can tolerate some shade.

Water: This is a drought tolerant plant that can endure prolonged dry spells or lapses in watering.

Soil: Needs well draining soil; grows best in a clay pot filled with porous, sandy soil.

Use: The slippery sap, or gel, from the broken leaves can help soothe dry skin, heal minor burns, scratches and sunburn. Studies have concluded that the healing properties in the plant have compounds that relieve pain and promote healing.

Internally, there are reports that aloe can be used for many ailments including constipation, asthma, colds ulcers BUT there is NO scientific evidence to support these claims. We recommend use for EXTERNAL skin conditions.


Aloe is an herb, known for anti-inflammatory properties. A succulent plant that has no stem, the fleshy leaves hold special sacs filled with a gel that is released when the leaf is cut. The gel itself contains anti-inflammatory saponins (act as the plant’s natural immune system), as well as antimicrobial anthraquinones, vitamins C and E as well as minerals and salycilic acid. The gel is used to soothe burns, cuts and any skin inflammation. Because it activates rapid healing.


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