What Garden Tools To Buy First When You Own Your First Home?

The property where the house sits on deserves the same attention as the house itself. But for many new homeowners, making their landscapes and gardens well-kept and attractive can be a daunting task. Knowing what garden tools to use and how to use them is critical to proper care of your garden. While there are many tools to use, as a homeowner, you will need to own a few essential gardening tools that help make your workload lighter.

A pair of gloves

Gloves will protect your hands from getting scratched or cut. They keep your hands from being pricked by thorns and insects that you might encounter when gardening. Additionally, they can help add an extra amount of grip when you need it. You don’t need fancy gloves. Simple hand gloves with a rough texture on the palms and fingers are ideal. They’re usually inexpensive and come in big multi-packs. Always, keep a pair of gloves in your garden shed. Heavy gloves tend to be sweaty, and smelly, plus they’re never perfect for precise, delicate gardening work such as weeding


Every homeowner needs a spade for digging, planting, turning compost, preparing new garden beds, applying mulches, or removing soil. A basic spade made of hardened steel and a round handle is perfect for most of your needs. It also allows a more comfortable and more efficient method of breaking up and moving soil.


Lawn Mower

Investing in a quality lawnmower can make gardening an easy and fun task. There are three types of lawnmowers to choose from: manual, gas, and electric. They also come in different sizes. If you own a small or medium size garden, a manual push lawn mower could be a good choice since it requires very low maintenance. However, if looking to keep your gardening very attractive in a simple way, opt for a cordless electric lawnmower. For more extensive gardens, you need to go for a large electric or gas lawnmower.


A rake is generally used for loosening the soil, leveling the ground and in weeding. If you don’t use a bag on your lawnmower, a rake will do an excellent job piling up grass cuttings as well as removing or spreading mulch.


A wheelbarrow is a small and hand-operated vehicle that has only one wheel. The user can maneuver it through pushing and guiding the two handles on its rear. It is useful in transporting or moving soil, plants, pots, gardening equipment and other things which are too heavy or bulky to move by hand.

A hose and sprayer

A hose and sprayer are going to make transporting water around your garden easy. Know how much length you’re going to need by measuring before you purchase. You can always connect two lengths of hoses. Vinyl hoses break down quickly, so invest in a rubber hose, it is much more durable. Sprayer nozzles don’t have to be expensive or fancy. If you have a garden and plan on overhead watering, invest in a sturdy watering wand for applying overhead water. Good watering wands spray lots of water fast in a gentle spray that doesn’t destroy plants or cause erosion.


This claw-like tool is used for mixing up and aerating the soil and is also suitable for light weeding as well as for preparing the garden for planting. It also helps in breaking up soil lumps, cleaning moss and in thatching and aerating. They can also be used with different attachments to cut vegetation or plow the soil.

Hand pruners

A basic set of pruners is one tool every new homeowner must-have. Pruners will help you trim and remove dead branches as well diseased twigs on trees in an effortless way. They can also be used to remove dead growth at the end of each season, harvest fruits or even flowers for a vase. Look for functional hand-held pruners, with proper maintenance they will last a lifetime

There are several garden tools available in the market, and many are very helpful. These are just some of the essential gardening tools that will get almost any homeowner through all the seasons and are an excellent starting point for building a more extensive tool collection.