The Most Popular Flower Strains for Your Garden

Flowers are beautiful plants that add a unique decorative touch to our home and gardens. They also produce a sweet smell, and striking colors making our living areas more beautiful and appealing. But what is the secret of having a beautiful flower garden that blossoms all-year-long? It’s by selecting the right flower varieties that are easy to grow and maintain.

To help you with flower selection for your garden, we have compiled a list of the most popular strains of flowers that are beautiful, easy to grow, and have a sweet-scented smell. Different flowers do well on different seasons. As a gardener, it’s essential to understand which type of flowers do well in your area and on a given season.

Here is a list of the best flowers to grow in your garden.


Roses are popular garden flowers, and they can be grown in many parts of the globe. They have a sweet smell, stunning flowers, and a dazzling mix of colors. If you are looking for flowers to give as a gift item, roses are the best and popular gifting flowers.

Due to their wide range in colors and beautiful smell, they can be used for decorative purposes to add aesthetic value to your house. The best time to plant roses is in the spring growing season.

Sweet Peas

Sweet peas have climbing abilities, and they do well when planted near the garden fence. They produce colorful flowers that have a sweet fragrance. Sweet peas can grow up to 2 feet taller every year, and they require a bigger climbing space.

They do well in a garden with fertile soil, and they require plenty of water and direct sunlight. The young shoots of sweet peas are mice, slugs, and snails favorite. Therefore, you must protect them from these pests by covering them using a mini-cloche.


Sweet peas should be planted in late fall to develop and bloom either in late winter or early spring.


Tulips are among the most exotic looking flowers that you can use to decorate your garden. They have a very vibrant and broad spectrum of colors that makes your garden look more attractive.

Tulips grow well during the spring season. They also require more water, and it’s recommended to water them daily.


Sunflowers are among the most popular strains of flowers that can be grown outdoors. They have unique green flourishing leaves with yellow flower petals and brown seeds. They grow tall, and they require warm areas with 6-8 hours of direct sunlight daily.

Sunflowers are children favorite, and you can add elegance to your garden by planting these gorgeous flowers.


Dianthus flowers are among the most deeply scented and attractive garden flowers. They are also known as Sweet William flowers due to their pleasant and unmatched fragrance.

They have a broad spectrum of colors, but the most popular ones are pink, white, and red. The sweet smell and vibrant color of dianthus make it one of the best decorative flowers that you can grow in your garden.


Pansy flowers are profoundly fragrant, easy to grow, and they come in three different color patterns. They make beautiful cut flowers, and you can grow pansies either indoors or outdoors.

The three-color patterns of pansies are;

  • Single color.
  • Single color with black lines in the center.
  • Single color with a black center.

Pansies grow well in rich, fertile, and moist soil. You can start the seeds in late winter to blossom in early spring and summer or late summer for fall and winter flowering.

Ensure that you cut off any seed head that forms because they will produce fewer flowers if they go to seeding stage.


Eschscholzia also popularly known as California poppy is a colorful and attractive flower that makes your garden look stunning. It’s one of the best garden flowers that are easy to grow.

California poppy grows well in soil that is poor, dry, and warm. If you have rocky and dry ground, this is the best flower to grow because it does not require daily watering.

The best time to plant Eschsccholzia is in the spring season. It comes with a broad pattern of colors, but the most popular ones are yellow and orange.

Marigold flowers are among the best smelling flowers that you can grow in your garden. They have a spectrum of colors, which adds a decorative touch to your outdoors. Marigold require plenty of direct sunlight and less watering.

They are among the most exotic looking flowers, and they are also kid’s favorite. There are two varieties of marigold flowers.

The tall types are suitable for the garden borders while the dwarf varieties can be grown on flower beds or in containers. You can grow them during the fall season for a vibrant and splendid garden.

You don’t deserve a dull garden, use the above most popular flower strains, and transform your backyard into a beautiful and attractive spot.