Is Having A Pond In Your Garden Practical?

Have you always wanted to have a water feature in your garden? Look forward to constructing a garden pond. A garden pond has many unexpected benefits to the wellness of your family, property and offers conducive habitat to wildlife. Additionally, the ponds may also pose some dangers as well. Below are some of the benefits of having a garden pond in your compound.

Garden Ponds Look Good

It is a fact that garden ponds look amazing in your compound. The rippling and sparkling surface of the water pond, especially during the summer gives a delightful sight without forgetting the beautiful focal point the pond adds to your garden. When water lilies, reeds and flowering plants, surround your garden, they make it very enjoyable to sit in your garden.

Garden Ponds Are Wildlife-Friendly

It is stunning to see wildlife exploring around your garden. The garden ponds attract some creatures such as toads, frogs, birds, insects and newts. Garden pond attracts wildlife in a significant way providing bathing spots, breeding grounds and homes to them. It is a great feeling to spot these creatures when moving around your garden.

Garden Ponds Provide You with an Enjoyable Hobby

For the garden pond to thrive, it requires proper maintenance which gives you some work to keep you busy when you are around your garden. It is also delightful to build the pond itself, watching the plants growing over time also gives you a gratifying feeling. If your pond contains some fish, it is very enjoyable to take care of them and breed them as you watch them grow into healthy adults.

Garden Ponds Are Educational

Garden ponds are the best tools for encouraging and inspiring children’s natural curiosity regarding wildlife. The ponds are also perfect tools for teaching kids about our responsibility in taking care of the environment. They help us in cautioning them on the precautions to put in place when moving around the water bodies.

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The Dangers of Garden Ponds

Apart from the garden ponds being very beautiful to our sight and home to wildlife, they come with several potential hazards to children, adults and pets. Below is a list of the dangers that come with the ponds.

Garden Ponds Increase Cases of Drowning

This is the most serious risk that is associated with garden ponds. Children are the greatest concern when it comes to drowning in the garden ponds, although adults and pets may also be at the same risk. Garden ponds also pose a liability to the garden owner who is responsible for all the accidents that involve invited or uninvited visitors. It is good to be cautious with children near the ponds.

Garden Ponds May Act As a Host for Parasites

Because the ponds are not usually treated with chemicals, their water often hosts some parasites such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia lamblia which leads to health problems in humans. Whether you swallow the pond water intentionally or accidentally, the water is dangerous because it may contain some parasites. Touching your mouth before washing your hands after touching the pond water might also result in the transmission of the parasites as well.

Garden Pond Water Might Contain Some Bacteria

Garden ponds sometimes get contaminated with bacteria that are dangerous to human health. The resulting results of the bacteria are health issues such as neurological problems and diarrhea. Bacteria in the ponds are transmitted by drinking the contaminated water. In addition, the ponds also develop scum that is algae-like that may result in rashes or severe illness if contacted.

Garden Pond Water Is Easily Contaminated With Chemicals

When chemicals such as fungicides, pesticides or fertilizers are used on land surrounding the pond, the water gets contaminated as a result of runoff. This is not only a danger to human beings but also to the creatures living in the pond, such as fish because the chemicals are usually highly toxic.

The Takeaway

Drowning at the garden pond is a significant cause of death in children as well as the other dangers if not taken care of in good time. It is advisable to be very cautious with children around the ponds to avoid these cases. Precautions should also be put in place to ensure washing of hands anytime you touch the pond water to keep the deadly bacteria away.